As our country is battling the Corona Virus and i3L has decided to move courses and work online from home for the remainder of the curriculum, libraries, publishers and course platforms are there to give access to the resources you need (for your studies and also entertain).

1Cambridge TextbooksFree access to the html version of all textbooks in the Cambridge Core collection using the id and password here . This is an extensive collection containing textbooks for almost all disciplines, be it medical, life sciences, computer, management.
2e-Resources PerpusnasPerpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia (Perpusnas) has subscribed many e-resources (e-journal, e-magazine, e-book, etc.) from many publishers. It can be accessed freely by creating an account. Check the details here
3GarudaThe Garba Rujukan Digital (GARUDA) is a powerful resource platform for discovery of scholarly publications in Indonesia managed by Ministry of Research.
4iBIIBI Library is a digital library of application-based offerings of Bank Indonesia Institute of social media that comes with eReader to read the ebook (android only ).
5iJakartaiJakarta is a Digital Library app provide by DKI Jakarta government. The apps available on android, app store, and PC/desktop version.
6iPusnasReading Socially iPusnas is a social media platform for accessing e-Bookstore & e-Pustaka. The apps available on android, app store, and PC/desktop version.
7JoveJoVE is offering all educational videos for free on its platform until 15 June 2020. The JoVE Core collection helps students get to grip with and visualize key concepts in biology and social psychology. The JoVE Science Education is a collection of video demonstrations from 8 different disciplines, such as chemistry and physics, that may be used as surrogate for lab experiments. The Lab Manual is a set of videos of labarotary techniques for introductory biology courses.
8JSTORJSTOR is a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.
9LIPI PressLIPI Press give an access for their books, journals, reports, and guidelines.
10Muse ProjectFree access for their books and journal. The topics are around humanities, social sciences and art.
11Project GutenbergFree access e-book.
12Springer TextbookFree access Springer textbook (387 titles).
13Universities of Michigan Presstitles in this collection are free-to-read until June 30, 2020. They have a business, economics, health and medicine, health and medicine : health policy and management
14ZLibrary ArticlesElectrinic library, they have many books and articles.