Library general questions

1. Where is the Library?

The i3L Campus Building 4th Floor 

2. What are the opening hours?

The Library open from 07:30 – 17.00 (without noon break) 

3. How can I contact Library?

Email: library@i3l.ac.id

Telephone: +622129567888 ext.401

4. Can I access the Library if I am not the members of the i3L Civitas Academica?

Associated Alumni: can use the facilities, access all printed and electronic resources on site and access several electronic resources online

Non-Member: Read the printed resources only

5. Is there WIFI available in the Library?

Yes. To log in. Username and password provided by IT Department

Questions about the collection

1. How many items can I borrow at the same time and for how long?

Please see the table below for the details

Member Type Books  Multimedia Journal
Loan Quota (Items) Loan Period (day) Loan Quota (Items) Loan Period (day) Loan Quota (Items) Loan Period (day)
Student 2 14 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Staff 2 14 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Faculty 5 90 5 90 N/A N/A

2. Do I need my i3L ID card for borrow and return items?

Yes, you need i3L ID card to borrow and return items. 

3. How many times can I renew an item?

Students and Staff may renew items 1 time only.  However for the Faculty, there is no renewal services.

4. When can I renew items?

Items can be renewed at any time once they have been borrowed.

5. When is it not possible to renew an item?

When the item has been requested by another user

When it has been renewed one time

When the item is overdue

When the borrower has pending the fines 

6. Can I reserve items?

Yes. You can reserve items using your Library account Once you receive an email confirming it has become available, you can pick up the item. Then, you just go to the circulation counter to process your reserved item.

7. Can I request an item that is not available in the i3L Library?

Yes. You can fill out through Wish List on the library website.

8. Can I find all the bibliography on my syllabi at the Library?

Library holds a copy of all compulsory items on syllabi reading lists

How to search?

1. Would librarian help me find what I’m looking for?

During library opening hours the i3L Librarian available to help you both in-person and via email.

2. How can I search the library’s catalog?

From the library homepage, click on Catalogue just enter your search term on the search box.

From the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) computer provided in the Library.

3. How can I access my library account online?

From the library homepage, click on Catalogue and click on Member Area. The username and password are given by the Librarian. Please contact librarian.

4. How are the printed books organized in the library?

Books are organized by the subject according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System. And within each subject, by call number from left to right and top to bottom on the shelves. The shelves are labelled with the general and detailed information on each subject.

Accessing online resources

1. What does this service include?

This service allows i3L Civitas Academica to access the online resources that the i3L Library subscribes to (databases, e-books, electronic journals, multimedia materials, etc.) by searching our online catalog. 

2. Do I need to register to access online resources?

If you are not on campus you need to log in using i3L email account. Please contact librarian for the password. 

3. Who can access online resources?

All i3L Civitas Academica : student, faculty, and  staff can access online resources.

4. How can I access the resources?

Searching for electronic resources via the i3L Library catalogue.

5. Can anyone help me if I don’t know how to use database, an electronic journal or another online resources?

You can always ask a librarian. They will show you how to search for something specific or to schedule an information session (in person or online) where you can learn more about the online resources available.

Equipment and technology

1. Are there computers available in the library?

There are computer to users in the library. However please note that the i3L computers are for research purposes only (catalogue search, article printing, database consulting, reading list checking).

2. How can I print?

Printing service is available in the i3L Library managed by i3L SCi . You must filled the form provided before print both B/W and  color.