Mendeley is citations and reference management tools. This tools will help you with managing your references, citations, and make the bibliography list automatically. Here’s the light step of Mendeley:

Mendeley Desktop

  1. Download Mendeley for Desktop 
  2. Follow the installation instructions
  3. Register your account
  4. Install Mendeley Plugin to Ms. Word or LibreOffice
  5. Look up the guideline to know about the menu and how to use it

Mendeley Web Install/activated Mendeley web importer for:

  1. Chrome by activated the plugin
  2. Firefox by download the plugin
  3. Safari/Internet Explorer by dragging the “Save Mendeley” button on the page to Bookmark Favorite Bar → Klik View → Klik Show Bookmark Favorite Bar (on MAC)

Save your reference and citation link for your bibliography databases:

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox save your references link by clicking the Mendeley’s button.
  3. SafariClick “Save to Mendeley” at your favorites bar to save your references link.


Want to know how to manage your Mendeley’s Library? 
You can ask the Librarian at Library (4th Floor)