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This post will explain you how to use MS Word effectively. Just click what you need below.

Table of Content

There are two ways to make a Table of Content, automatic (using Styles) and manual technique. Automatic Table of Content Using Heading in Styles-Bar You need to label all of your chapter titles and front matter (sub-bab) headings (e.g. “Acknowledgements” and “Chapter 1: Introduction”) in the style Heading 1, all major headings within your chapters should be labeled Heading 2, and all subheadings should be labeled Heading 3. The detail steps are described below:

  1. Using Heading Styles Block the Chapter Title Click Heading 1 on Styles Bar (you can change the styles by click the right button on your mouse on the heading styles → choose modify)*.

2. Change the styles format with your article/template format Don’t forget to tick them automatically update section before you save the format.

*This method (modify) allowed to all heading styles

3. Insert Table of Content References → Table of Contents → Automatic Table 2 (Table of Contents)

and it will look like this

you can costumize the style of your table of content template.

    Manual Tabel of Content

  1. Type the title Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Double click tab dots on the ruler
  3. Choose “…….” on the Leader section, then click “Ok
  4.  After that, click “tab” on the keyboard and it will look like this.

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Table of Figure

This section will explain you, how to make an automatic Table of Figures.
Table of Figures
are also using for figures/pictures, tables, graphics, etc.

The detail steps are described below:


  1. Click the Picture/Figure/Graph/Table that will be captioned
  2. Go to References menu → Insert Caption
  3. Select the “Label” (Picture/Figure/Graph/Table) or you can make a new Label by click the “New Label” button (conditionally)
    *don’t forget to choose where you wanna put the caption
  4. Click “Ok”


Insert Table of Figures

  1. Go to References menu → Insert Table of Figures
  2. Choose the caption label you need (Figure/Table/etc.)
  3. If you want to modify the format style manual, you can click “modify button” on the box.
  4. Click the “Modify” button on the style box.
  5. You can modify the text format as you wish and don’t forget to click “Automatically Update” box. If all done, click “Ok” button.
  6. The result will look like this (picture bellow). You can fastly go to the current document/follow the link by ctrl + click the link.


Should you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact the Librarian. You can reach us through email:

Pages Numbering
Mendeley Integreted

Mendeley is citations and reference management tools. This tools will help you with managing your references, citations, and make the bibliography list automatically. In this article, we would give you the steps to integrate Mendeley with Ms. Word.

*If you want to know how to using it, you can go through this link Using Mendeley.

Integrated Mendeley with Microsoft Word

Download and Install Mendeley:

  1. Download Mendeley for Desktop 
  2. Follow the installation instructions
  3. Register your account
  4. Install Mendeley Plugin to Ms. Word or LibreOffice

Integrating Mendeley to Microsoft Word

Grammarly Intregrated